'Raspberry Picking'

This afternoon we all drove up to the Kinglake Raspberry Farm to do some picking. It's the end of the season so the picking was fairly random at best. We always start off so enthusiastically but after an hour or so and only finding 70 or 80 berries that enthusiasm slowly drifts away.
We did have a nice chat with the owner of the business as we were leaving as we were the last customers there for the day.

MsMun  cooked up a delicious pasta for dinner tonight and we were joined by our friend Ben who came over for a New Years catch up and a chat that lasted well into the night.

Ben has been the first person that Dylan has been willing to play the piano for. I think those two have a relationship between each other that I don't quite understand yet, but am very grateful for. Ben was also teaching Dylan how to do a few basic tricks on his new skateboard he got for Christmas. Having Ben as a role model can only be a good thing for our boy.

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