Changing Times.....

Our small sleepy town will no longer be, the first quarter of this year will see significant changes as people relocate from earthquake stricken Christchurch.

With the people comes new services, road structures, new businesses, its all happening in our small town.

This will be a huge supermarket, Pak n Save and with it will come self service petrol pumps and our first ever traffic lights. The self service pumps will be a godsend as we only have two service stations, the queues are long and sometimes frustrating. The men were back working today and I think it will progress quite quickly from now on.

Hubby and I spent today helping E weed and mow her small section. She will be on the move early Feb as the property unfortunately is be sold.

And Canterbury and the West Coast have been rocking and rolling with earthquakes today. I only felt a small one while at E's in Christchurch otherwise all quiet out our way, must be why people are relocating out here.

I'd just like to say a huge thanks for all the stars, hearts and new subscriptions which keep rolling in for my last two flower shots, your all so kind, thank you so much :)

Must fly now as roast chicken is nearly ready, we're quite hungry after our hard days work.

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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