another one of THEM

Another thing I often pass, wondering when it will be switched on. Maybe one to try and visit again on another Tuesday but with a big tripod or when there's a car parked in just the right place rather than a few feet too far to the left.

Were it not for the fact that I'd have had to take my office-shoes home with me or take them back to my office I'd have bicycled to a meeting at a different office with a very helpful gentleman from a popular british telephone communications company this afternoon so that I could have gone straight home (after a long detour) afterwards. As it was I walked down and walked back to change clothes, leave shoes, collect bicycle and helmet and flask but unfortunately sat down and poked briefly at my email and saw a couple I couldn't stop myself replying to seeing as I was in a telephony sort of mood. I'll take a big break tomorrow morning to try and compensate seeing as tomorrow afternoon might be similarly occupied.

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