Always inconstant...

By bikeyPete

Keeping it simple

Friday... what a heady mix of emotions, I work every other weekend so this one is my weekend off!

Freedom, exhilaration, peace and dilemmas over what to do, where to go and making plans! The time seems so potent that I am often left disabled by choice, like coffee shops.........single shot decaf skinny latte no whip chocolate sprinkles.....too much choice!

My list of hobbies goes on and on...deciding which one of the things that I love to do would be best drives me to the edge of insanity. Really...what a silly old fool!

This weekend has some structure to it.....I start training for my summer holiday, trekking and climbing in Italy, full blowout gym session!!!!

Cycling on Sunday morning with the lads as usual.

Let's see what the bits in between can be filled this space....:)

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