By MyOneGoodEye

Bicyclists on Market Street

After a meeting with a client downtown, I met up with S for lunch (vegan burrito... yum!). Afterwards, I made the long and rather meandering walk home, snapping a few photos with my Rolleiflex (and mobile) along the way. I wasn't all that satisfied with the mobile shots, so, this will have to do.

I recently purchased some outdated Svema colour film, so, I was hoping to shoot a roll as a matter of seeing what it looks like. Doing a web search, however, I'm discovering that standard processing of the film (C-41) might not be the best way to go, although I'm not so sure I want to go through the trouble (and expense) of having it processed in the "proper" chemistry (NC-19, I think... also outdated). I still have a few frames left on the roll, so, I have a little more time to research what options I might have. I'm guessing I'll have to settle for C-41, and accept the misgivings as "charming".

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