I Said I Want The Blue One

We took our walk early today as the forecast was for some wild weather this afternoon. It was quite windy and a bit chilly but at least we stayed dry.

We walked past the riding school and I spent a while watching these two horses - the  one in the red was tugging away at the blue jacket and the owner of said blue jacket wasn't happy. They kept squaring up to each and waving forelegs (probably a name for it but I am not a horsey person). It did occur to me that it may have been a courting ritual - but I have no idea what gender these two as they are covered up!

After a few minutes argy-bargy they galloped up and down the field together - kicking out their back legs as they went. 

Photo critique night went quite well - but they only got to do three of each persons images - this one and this one got favourable reviews whilst this this one was not liked by the judge although some of the club members felt it was okay!

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