Every Day Is A holiday!

By musings

Dawn On The Pond

I really think the very best time of the day for watching the pond is at daybreak...so much wildlife, and the light is so warm.  This morning a blue heron flew in...and I went out to get a few photos.  He immediately lifted off and flew across the pond to the roof of a neighbor's home.  He looked so beautiful up there in that morning light!

Spent some of the day working on getting a couple "posters" finished for the women's club and for the civic association...upcoming events, and I love to do these!!

Then I went and visited the eagles and both were on the sentry tree...not much action, but documented nonetheless.   My new computer arrives tomorrow, and am trying desperately to get ready for that...are you ever ready?

To see my photos from the day, visit my flickr page.

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