Poppy Seed Heads

The poppies have almost finished. Just a few in sheltered position open each day. Masses of seed heads are everywhere.

I have been wasted today. Although I went to bed much later than usual last night I was wide awake at 4.30, thinking it was morning because of the light pouring through my window. It turned out that the sky had cleared after a week or more, and the moon was shining.

Yesterday my family got together to celebrate my upcoming birthday. The four of us went to see “Mr Turner” in the afternoon. Excellent movie, a feast for the eyes. Afterwards we went to my daughter’s home and had fun. In an attempt to get some family photos before my granddaughter leaves New Zealand we had four photographers taking a lot of terrible photos.

In the morning I had asked my son to take me on a tour of the Christchurch inner city. I have not been there since most of it was opened up after the earthquakes. I had seen hundreds of photos, but wanted to get a sense of how it all fitted together. He drove along most of the streets and I just gaped. The emptiness was the most noticeable feature. Great vacant tracts where many shops and offices once stood. There were blind-eyed buildings awaiting demolition. Now and then a flashy new edifice where a familiar one should be. The odd familiar place reminded me that this was Christchurch and not some strange unfinished city. I felt sick in my stomach.  There were people and colour and a holiday atmosphere, but I hardly noticed them I felt so shocked.

I didn’t take any photos. I wanted to experience it first hand.

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