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Aquilegia No. 4

It's another Aquilegia/columbine picture today. I rather like them, there are quite a few different ones on my way to and from work to blip and I've never satisfied with the results so I'm always trying to improve on yesterday's blip.

This morning started with a web/tele-conference with our SAP instructor from last week to cover some extra bit he thought were important. I then did about a zillion little things - which is good that I did them but never feels very satisfying. After lunch I worked on some code I wrote 8 years ago to deal with missing data. My code was well written all those years ago so the change was easy to insert and while it's a shame to use code to fix bad data, it's what keeps the business running so I do it.

On the way home looked for a source of crystallised ginger since the Julian Graves in town turned into a GNC. I can't make rhubarb and ginger jam without ginger as that would be rhubarb jam...

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