Open Wide

Spent the morning strimming the lawns and the bank to the pavement at the front of the house. While the lawns looked tall and overgrown I didn't get half as much grass form them as I did from the bank - which while much smaller in area was clearly far more grassy!

Once the strimming was done it was safe to hang out the laundry to dry - didn't want it spraying with grass clippings! Unlike me, I'm covered in them.

I took a few quick pictures around the garden - the light hasn't been exciting so the blip is only okay. It's a Clematis montana flower that is about to open - actually if the sun had been on it I think it would have been.

After the garden stuff it was time for lunch and a nice cup of tea.

This afternoon I've been fixing a stupid bug on my laptop. Since I upgraded it a few weeks ago, it hasn't been able to access the WiFi network at home or use an external USB disk or SD card. Things worked before the upgrade and my desktop computer can use USB disks and is running the same software. After an hour on Google and plenty of false leads I tracked down a bug report which pointed to a difference between my desktop and laptop and hey presto the laptop now works!

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