Travels Through A Lens

By SnapshotSam

Tulips In The Twilight

Picked up the camera late and took some photos of the tulips before it got too dark.

Today, my friend and I met with a bloke from our local Town Council to discuss giant swaledale sheep walking around Skipton on the jubilee weekend. These are the sheep that a group of us made last summer, together with a sheep dog. I've tried to link the photo of them. I can't seem to use the link properly on the blip app! Any ideas? Giant Swaledale

Edit: Thanks go to Joshua as I've now created the link :)

Spent ages trying to back up the mac to then load new software but it wasn't backing up my photos so I'm going to get an external hard drive and I've deleted about 2,000 photos to clear space. It's amazing how they rack up.

Thank you everyone for your support during my blip slump. It gives me the encouragement to keep going :)

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