Muttley's Musings

By RuralDave

Into the blue

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk around Peckleton to get some fresh air and sunshine after the rough winds in the morning and to get a potential back up blip in case I couldn't get out for a starry night shot, which in the end I did blip. While I was out I saw quite a lot of birds feeding in the farmers fields, so this morning I went back for a longer walk with a longer lens.

It was a pleasant walk and I did a circuit rather than a there and back walk, and it took me places I've not been to before. I saw quite an impressive Buzzard flyby before I had the camera out. I also saw what I think was a Yellowhammer, and I think I had seen some of these yesterday also flocking around on the stubble. A bit further on I saw quite a lot of Fieldfare in a field bobbing about and feeding, and then every so often taking flight. However suddenly this Swan flew over in the clear cloudless blue sky and I was able to get off a couple of shots.

I'm away on a business trip  in Yorkshire tomorrow and Tuesday so I'm not sure what I'll be blipping (or when).

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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