Covered in Bees

By PaulFS


The thing with taking time off for a couple of days is that it doesn't stop the e-mails from heading to your Inbox in your absence! I've been so busy today and always there was this underlying feeling of guilt that I haven't thanked most of you for your generous and thoughtful blipday wishes for yesterday. I a honoured and humbled.

I said yesterday that Blipping was like Christmas everyday - and then I got a mention on the Blip Blog which I am going to gratuitously link to because it might never happen again!!!

But then it's back to reality - late out with very little opportunity to blip, the day as grey as Santa's beard would be if he didn't bleach it, and I get a pretty poor excuse for a blip in...

Finally, in lieu of me catching up and saying thanks properly, thanks collectively for the feedback, hearts, stars and new subscriptions. I'm overwhelmed and I don't know what to say.

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