Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Three Hundred at Haweswater

My plan was to get a sunrise from the Summit of Green Bell for my 300th Blip (backblipped the Summit yesterday if you want to see it). When my alarm went off at 4.50am I unzipped the tent and was greeted with a glorious... wall of white cloud...

I could barely see the trig point let alone a spectacular sunrise!

Although it was very early I'd had a great nights sleep in the fresh air so I reverted to Plan B. I packed up quickly and got back to the car to drive to my favourite place - Haweswater. I was originally going to camp on one of the tops surrounding Haweswater but decided on the Howgills as I expected to get a better sunrise. Hmmph.

By the time I got there it was bucketing down - my camera was getting soaked every time I tried to get out and there was looking like there would be no let up for ages. I found a spot, wrapped the camera in a dry bag and quickly rattled off a few shots.

So here's my 300th Blip.

I've said so many times how much I love Blip and all there is to learn about photography. I love looking for that shot - sometimes I know what I want, sometimes I hope something will show itself, sometimes I have to get wet and sometimes I have to sleep in a tent on the top of a mountain! But it's good and it's not wearing off. If anything my enthusiasm is getting greater, especially since I discovered I love to shoot landscapes.

To repeat something I said in a recent blip, it almost turns every day into Christmas, the type of Christmas you have as a kid. Plugging that memory card into the PC is like unwrapping a shiny present. You don't want to get too excited in case the shots are the gift equivalent of a 6 pack of socks, but you can't stop your heart beating slightly faster because you might have the gift equivalent of that lens you'd find difficult to justify but really want. (I normally get the socks but occasionally a nice surprise turns up :o) )

I think my own favourite since the last 100 (probably my favourite of all) is Lighting up Langstrath. Made me realise how much I really love Landscapes and if I had to pick one blip-type to take to a desert island, it would be Landscapes.

The Blip community is fantastic, full of support and encouragement. I've met some Blippers in real life which was great, and there's other Blippers who I'd love to meet. I really love looking at your photo's and journals and I hope you'll forgive me if my commenting has been a bit hit and miss lately!

Thanks to all of you for your comments, subscriptions and encouragement. I really do appreciate it.

Thanks also to the Blip Boffins for putting together this site. It works amazingly well. A simple premise but life changing for many including me.

I'll gush more in 365 days - I plan to get there - I think it's on a Saturday so I might be able to get another one from the top of a mountain! I think we're in for a good Summer so I'm optimistic.

Cheers Blippers :o)

p.s. Please forgive me for my silence for the past couple of days - I've got a good excuse but I'll hope to catch up soon :o)

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