Baby Shower

After the excitement of yesterdays it's been a manic day.

Been away most of it except for an hour an half in the middle.....thats when I made this Nappy Cake. Cool eh? Thats the top two tiers, the bottom is unseen, and looked nice with a showy ribbons of many colours. Decorated with ribbons (obviously) with some wee sock, face cloths, a t-shirt etc and on top is a little wicker pram with a "wonky" toy in it. Easy as, just as well as I only had an hour to put it together before I was picked up and taken to the baby shower.

Its for my boss Rach, who is having a bub in July.

Tonight I'm off out for dinner then to the theatre with dups, to see the Michael Jackson Story.....should be great entertainment.

Doug on Ch Ch today to a colleagues wife's young.


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