By irunlykagirl

a day in the Quay

We put our train pants* on this morning & headed up to Sydney for a little theatre at the Opera House. The Snail & the Whale live on stage...a rather cleverly adapted script - giving the book a different angle - one that resonates under the roof we live.

It's a long time on a train for the duo - however the capacity to move around & be able to see us & not just the back of our chair appealed to them.  Interestingly they enjoyed the street performer more than the play. Learning not to stare is a difficult lesson to teach in a city like that. 

I also gave them my little compact camera with the instructions "take as many photos as you can" ...unfortunately P was a little too absorbed & whilst walking down the stairs learnt the hard way about focal length...thankfully no broken camera (or skin).

The Rescue Princess books continue - I may have to read the Fairy School drop out on my own...

*BigBangTheory reference

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