Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward

Zuniceratops ?

     I'm ambivalent about photographing art - but I do it anyway.  Not quite desperate for a blip but I was running an errand and the light on the trees with the dark clouds caught my eye - but I wondered, "What can I put in the foreground?" . . .

      A gentleman in Springerville makes a lot of stuff like this.  It is outside a little dinosaur exhibit that opened last year;  I have yet to visit it. They don't have a web site but here's a link to the Arizona Museum of Natural History.

EDIT: Later those dark clouds came our way and brought this stuff.

      Listeniing to Radio 4 iPlayer: Word of Mouth - Micheal Rosen and Philip Pullman talk about writing. Lovely stuff. shampoo-hampoo-ampoo-mpoo-poo-oo-o! And The Human Zoo (series five): Decline.

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