Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward

Round Valley Library

cf  This is the evening view from the opposite side of the building that I blipped three years ago.  After my bout of flagging mo-jo yesterday I decided to look back through my journal for inspiration.

       Days are beginning to lengthen perceptibly now and this morning's sunrise was golden but I wasn't up to going out in the cold faffing about looking for a blip at that time of the morning.

       We had a chimney to unblock this morning; the house is still a bit smoky.  Kathy did some running around to have some medical tests and buy a Power Ball ticket; and I bought another when I went out to pick up medications and look for blips.

       I came home and walked Kiki and Chloë.  Good walk that cleared my head before getting home to write this and post on 365 Project (the extra)

       And now I just have time to finish this before running off to choir practice.

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