CrossFitters are a close knit community so when the Reebok website appeared to have a price 'glitch' on Friday we all jumped at the chance at a new pair of training shoes at the equivilent of nearly 80% off. To be honest I don't think anyone though Reebok would honour the prices (it's in their T&C's that they can cancel an order if their is a price mistake).

However, for most they did dispatch a shiney new pair of Nano's. These are mine. Of course I got the neon orange ones! Do you not remember my custom ones! Looking forward to testing them out tomorrow. Jen's aren't quite as bright this time around but are still cool. But you just can't beat her original ones.

The reason I keep saying 'glitch' is because I suspect it was all a very clever marketing tool. A glitch is not left on the website for the whole evening without being fixed. And it just so happens Nike are about to release a new shoe aimed at the CrossFit market. Either way Reebok have quite a few happy customers today!!

*UPDATE the new shoes seem to work quite nicely. New PB on my Clean & Jerk the following morning. 70kg, only 5kg off body weight! very nice!*

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