Mr. HCB and I had a trip out to the Cotswold Water Park today and enjoyed some time together - I have been busy catching up with various friends, so told him on Tuesday that we could have a “date day” today, as it was my only free day this week - he said he was “honoured” to think I could fit him into my busy schedule!!

After having a coffee (of course!) overlooking the lake, we called into the Cotswold Outdoor Shop and were very surprised, as we walked down the stairs, to see one of the assistants wrestle a woman to the ground and take her boots off.  He left her lying on the floor and as she began to move, shouted at her “Stay where you are!”  I told him that was no way to speak to a woman, she would be more inclined to do as he asked if he spoke to her more politely.  His parting comment was “She’s quite ‘armless - and even legless!”  

A bit of fun in our day - and of course, “she” wasn’t a real woman, but just a mannequin and he was taking her boots off so that a customer could try them on.

Mr. HCB and I then drove along to Walter’s Lake where we had a bacon sandwich and an orange juice at The Waterside Café - we were hoping to see our friend, Andrew, but apparently, he only works there on a Friday and Saturday.   We watched the sky darken, heard the wind howling and then the rain lashed down.  We decided to sit there for a while and very soon after, the sun came out and the day changed - things were not what they had seemed - we could have given up and gone home, but we waited - and things turned out very well - so good, in fact, that we were able to go for a walk round the lake!  

We’ve had a lovely day together and although I took lots of shots of the lake, we both liked this one - as Mr. HCB said, “You’re never likely to see that again!”

"Things are not always what they seem;
the first appearance deceives many;
the intelligence of a few
perceives what has been
carefully hidden.”

Phaedrus (15BC-50AD)

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