By aholtphoto

Tapping.... Of rain on leaves...

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary.....

After a long day of cramming immunology, microbiology, pharmacy chemistry, and drug info into my brain I finally got away from the books. By the time I got out of lab the sun had already gone down, not that you would have marked the sinking of the sun with the steady sullen drizzle that has been falling the past few days. The only indication of its passing was the darkening shades of grey in the sky.

Anyway, after an early dinner I decided to drive around in search of something, anything, to post today. I found myself passing The Battery at the tip of the Charleston peninsula. Something drew my eye to the lamps in the park and the way they cast light up into the old live oaks that line the path. The whole scene was dark and ominous. The cold rain did nothing to lighten the mood. After walking around the park in said rain I finally decided to snap a couple of images. This one being my favorite.

As always, any thoughts, notes, critique, advice, etc. are appreciated.

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