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Lightning and the Great Blue Heron

Our 7 month old kitten Lightning spends much of his day on the screened-in lanai (porch) watching and listening. Steven recently added a "cat door" so he can come and go and we don't have to leave the door to the house propped open. It's been a lifesaver and keeps Lightning active & happy.

This morning I happened to look out and see a large Great Blue Heron walking on our dock past Chelsea on the lift. At first Lightning did not notice the bird. Yesterday we set up a cat climbing tree/gym for him and he was playing on that. The photo above shows what happened when Lightning saw this great regal bird! I love that stalking stance! 

I was taking the photo from inside the house which accounts for the quality. But I did not dare open the door and scare anyone . . . as it was the bird majestically flew off soon afterwards. THIS was Lightnings reaction!! 

Another morning blip, will wonders never cease! Now off to Nia. 
I will make it to class today!!! 

ThanK you all for your lovely comments ;0 ) and  ^..^

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