A is for Air Mail

I took part in an alphabet photography project last year but mostly on Instagram. This week it started up again so back to A we go :)

The matching blue air mail envelopes to the writing paper were an extortionate amount of money but I found these almost vintage looking pinky ones for an absolute bargain :) 

My new thing for the new year was to join a penpal group. " of the 6 of us are overseas so these won't be going to waste. I sent off my first letter at the weekend and received my first yesterday. The lovely lady had taken the trouble to visit my blog and wrote to me in purple as it seemed obvious that's my favourite colour. Good guessing eh?! 

In other good news, 30 seconds yoga balance achieved this morning (pose 2 was a total fail but that's not the point!) and I now have a working bedroom light. 

Just have to replace the furniture and re-make the bed before bedtime creeps on me fast!

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