Optic Nerve

By BillFroog

Weedin' me garden

A picture from the top of the land down - todays blip was a choice of this - or house view from bottom up - but there was a lot of weed plants in the way - obscuring the view. Pretty weeds - but hardly fit for emblazoning onto this fine blipfoto site.
Actually the plant pictured is also probably a weed - but with flowers on - so - the winner!
Anyhow - just to illustrate that we spent another whole day up on the land - making window frames and cleaning up and fixing locks and such. All the doors are working - and we're putting in holes for the bees to access the built in hive boxes upstairs. Having hives is not un-vegan I reckon - pollination of orchard fabulous, eating of winter honey supplies.. well, let's wait and see if I'm consulted on that one (I presume my perverse opinion will not be immediately councelled)
Plenty of organic blossom to suck nectar out of at least :)

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