By atoll

Sunday Blues

Well that's the visiting over and as I write me and MrsB are being driven back to Knutsford by Keith and Paula. Though I am self-employed and work from home I still get slight back to work Sunday blues after a great weekend.

Had a lovely walk in the fields around Siston this morning with the gang and even saw a young deer flushed out by the two family springer spaniels, Ben and Poppy, at one point. The dogs were bouncing about like Tigger out of Winnie the Pooh.

Just before we headed off I popped upstairs to listen to Martin & Angela's son Joe play his guitar. Did a quick Audioboo recording of what Joe called Allsorts. Joe's a brilliant musician who's trying to keep true to his blues and folk roots whilst struggling making a living as a professional guitarist. Some examples of his music are on his Myspace.

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