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Bowood 2015 #4: Coombe Grove

I returned to Bowood Lake on Saturday afternoon. The Blip shows the road that leads to the footpath from the Palladian bridge, taken on the outward walk but looking back. According to the map it is named Coombe Grove after the woods that lie to its North as it reaches the lake. Along the way I had seen four or five buzzards feeding on the ground in a field similar to the one in the right of the blip (too far away to photograph adequately) and I also saw a number of herons, either on the lake, in a tree  or flying to or from the nearby heronry.

I normally walk along the lakeside until I reach the view of the boathouse and lakeside cottage, where the lake branches into two, ending the path, but this time I took a higher path so that I could look down on the lake landscape.

On the descent I passed the iron gate where the path crosses first the lake and then the golf course to eventually lead to the Golden Gate building in Derry Hill. I have only walked the entire length once as  the way back is simply along the same path and would take several hours, but I did resolve to explore the other end of the walk and remind myself of the course of the path.

I got a number of landscape shots but little of wildlife. I walked back along the lakeside and it was dark by the time I got back to the car at 1720 hr.

28.1.2015 (1107 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Salvadores - Stick By Me Baby (1966)
A Joshie Production, written by Jo Armstead, on the Wise World label, as used in the film Northern Soul, which I saw that evening.

One Year Ago: Psychedelic Smokey 1515 hr (His Sgt Pepper period)

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