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Bowood 2015 #5: Bowood Golf Course

After Saturday's exploration of the footpath across the Bowood Estate from the southern entrance, I began the next day at its northern end, the Golden Gate building opposite the Lansdowne Arms in Derry Hill. This is the site were I had recently seen fallow deer, but there were none in evidence this time.

This shot was taken near the start of the walk from the permissive path overlooking the golf course. I followed the path around anti-clockwise and  came to the point where a branch of the path leads off towards the Lake, coming out at the iron gate I had seen the day before.

I carried on, though, completing the circuit around the golf course on a path that was mostly new to me, past a small farm near The Osprey and through some woods, during which it grew dark.

A part of it was through quite a quagmire and as I struggled not to lose my footwear my glasses became detached from my neck cord and at some stage fell unnoticed to the path. I discovered this near the end of the walk but I would have to return when it was light to try to find them.

I sampled some Glenmorangie later on to celebrate Burns Night.

29.1.2015 (1859 hr)

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