Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Handsome Crests

Unfortunately I've been at home today; I didn't go to work, because I've been awake since about midnight last night, with Miss 6, who's been vomiting up a storm (following on from her brother yesterday ).

So far I'm ok, as is mrs tsuken, but we're waiting somewhat anxiously to see what the ear future holds.

However, being home, I was able to see numerous birds flitting about in our front yard, snacking on the seed I had left out quite a few days ago. As well as the cockatoos, there were a couple of rosellas (an adult and a juvenile), and I think some others flitting through but not landing. I snapped off many shots with my long lens, and this is (I think) my favourite.

And here they are largerer.

And in here are the others I took.

I love the cockatoos' crests: such a cool display - and I'm developing quite a soft spot for the birds too ... noisy and cheeky buggers, they are.

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