Muttley's Musings

By RuralDave

Woohoo 700 Blips!

I've reached another milestone along the road of blip. I'm not sure whether you get a red balloon for this one, perhaps not as it's only 35 from a full 2 years of blipping, so I opted for some red neon light painting this morning before going to work. 

I was impressed that I was awake enough to figure out how to write backwards so that the words and numbers were the correct way around on the camera! I did the numbers in one take and then the letters in a second take and I have layered them in photoshop.

Many thanks for all the comments, stars and hearts people have given me and most importantly for all the encouragement you have shown me during my 700 day blip journey. You are a brilliant lot and they are most appreciated, and it's good to know that the community is still there despite and the recent changes.

Off to the Photo Soc this evening, were having a mono heat judging this evening, and I have my first prints in a competition. I doubt I will get a clean sweep like I did the other week with my digital images, if I did I think I would be known as Ringer! Catch you all tomorrow.

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