The Lucky Last

I hunted through my photos today to see try and find the Giraffes I hadn't managed to put up yet. I think I managed to get them all up on blip now.

When we were away the Giraffes where all taken away for repair work and clean ups for the auction on Wednesday 11 February.  Anyone one can go to the auction and bid on any Giraffes.. it cost $45. Here is a link to the event if anyone is interested. I did read somewhere while we were away that they are going to display all the big Giraffes at Russley Golf Course on the 7th or 8th of February.. but don't seem to be able to find anything out about it.

I haven't named all of these as it is too hot for me to think today.. it has cooled a little which is great. At one stage it was 30c. The bottom row and the ones on the left had-side are the baby Giraffes painted by the school children and they are going back to the schools that painted them. All the big ones well be auctioned off. If any one does want to know their names and the artists that painted them.. just asked and I can give you the details.

It has been fun doing the Giraffe hunt and do miss seeing them around the city.

I have started putting out some back blips of our road trip down south.

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