'Diamond Valley Archers'

Tonight after work we all visited the Diamond Valley Archers for one of their  come along for a tryout nights. I used to be an archer when I was a young boy and my Dad used to bring me along to his Club to shoot with him. I remembered how much I used to love doing something like that with my Dad, so I asked Dylan is he was interested in having a go with me. Of course he was, and he loved it. We filled out the necessary forms, got kitted out, a quick group lesson about safety and how to properly use the bow and then we were into it. Felt just like riding a bike to me although I hadn't shot an arrow for at least 30 years.

They have these try out's on a Monday night and on a Saturday morning for anyone who is interested in giving it a go. There were around twenty people there tonight, ranging in age from Dylan as the youngest at 9 years old to a bloke who I reckon would have been in his late 60's.

They recommend that we come along to at least 4 of these sessions before deciding if it's something we're interested in pursuing further and joining the club. That's when the investments start, having to buy your own equipment, club fees etc. But if Dylan wants to continue, it's something that both of us will do together which will be great.

We might go along again this Saturday morning for another session.

This is one of the club members giving us a demo on using a compound bow, they recommend we give this a go too. I might try one this weekend.

Also it's been four years today since Dad passed away, and I've been remembering all of the fun times we've had together and all of the places we've visited on our adventures. Love you Dad, and I'll never forget you mate.

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