An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Gilding the Lily...

Or in this case, glittering the rose.  

I will never understand why florists feel the need to put glitter on beautiful flowers such as roses....or any flower really.

I spent an extra hour in bed this morning (8.30 rise instead of 7.30) and as a result seem to have spent the day trying to catch up with myself but failing miserably.  How can that be?  It was only an hour for heaven's sake!!

Never mind, Alan's Easystand chair is fixed and I have just finished going over and amending his Support Workers' rota for the next month.  Four hours it has taken!  Four hours??!!!  And I am sure there will be further amendments to be made.   *tears hair out*

David is out singing tonight so after Alan and I have tea, I plan to sit with my feet up, cup of hot choc (not hot chic as I texted David the other night -"can you bring me a hot chic please?" I asked him.  "Can I get one for myself at the same time?" he replied!  :-))  and have a blip catch up.

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