By Louwestphoto

Tidy room, tidy mind.

I slacked off work today in order to continue my good progress sorting out our bedroom. I've done well, having cleared out (and refilled) all the under-bed storage. Our spare rooms are now full of bags for the tip/the recycling centre/the charity shop, but at least out bedroom is clutter free and calm.

I did take some time away from tidying to order some more prints for the up-coming pop-up gallery. I planned to get one of my film shots done, but had an absolute nightmare with my scanner and with uploading the image to the provider I use, so gave up in the end and stuck with some digital prints. The easels are being delivered this week, so we should be ready to go soon.

Oh, when I finished tidying, I also up-cycled an old mirror - it had stickers all over it and a blue frame. I've cleaned it up and painted the frame white and it now looks lovely. I used left over paint too, so not had to buy anything! 

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