Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Deja Vu

I thought I would try for the moon behind Nobbys again but this time it would have been earlier in the day when it rose and I much prefer it at that time.  I sat at the right spot waiting, waiting, waiting and nothing, nada, not a sausage.  I checked the moonrise time, well even in my poor eyesight I could make out the right time but no moon.  All around me was a beautiful sunset and just when I thought blow this I am off to get the sunset, it came through the clouds.  The only thing I can think of is that it wasn't quite dark enough to see on the horizon at that time.  Hmm.  Oh well, chalk it up for experience.

Similar clouds around today although not as much as yesterday and the wind had dropped.

Oh and thanks for the well wishes yesterday.  I can report all is good today.

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