We had more snow overnight - not much - only about 1-2 cm - but enough to make it look properly wintry. I went out into the garden after breakfast hunting for snowflakes, but the temperature was already hovering above zero and all the crystals were beginning to melt, showing soft, rounded edges.  

Chris and I decided to go for a walk before it disappeared. Ben and Alex wisely opted to stay at home, as they both have nasty colds again. We headed west, where the snow is usually deeper, but today that wasn't the case, so we turned round and headed out east to the fens, ending up at Stanground Wash. 

As we left the car a snow squall blew in - extremely unpleasant when there's absolutely no shelter, Luckily it didn't last and we had a very pleasant walk, mostly in sunshine, which felt almost warm when we were sheltered from the wind. 

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