By Samuel_Hale

Blue Lagoon

What an amazing day yesterday. The blue lagoon really is a wonder of the world. In fact it's one of the 25!

We had breakfast which was surprisingly very nice for a free hotel buffet. I went back to sleep for a bit while Lisa strolled around town and then we went to go for our whale watching tour when we decided not to... Instead we decided to go to the blue lagoon! Seeing the whales was not guaranteed and it was a particularly cold day so we thought we would relax.

The water in the giant pool was around 37 degrees and it is full of minerals. The main one being silica- which is why the water is blue. On the floor below the water was covered in sand. But not your regular kind of sand, it was volcanic rock crumbled into a fine grit that exfoliated your feet as you walk.

At the side bear the front was a bar. You chose what you want and they scan your wristband. You could chose from beer, sparkling wine or strawberry wine. Amongst various smoothies.. But who wants one of those?!

At the back were tubs of natural silica mud. Scooped out the ground and put into a wooden store. It was a thick, grey paste that was full of a solid collection of minerals that exfoliates your face when you put it on.

Wandering around warm blue water with a beer and a face mask was completely abnormal but we were talking to our newfound friends like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

I have grown extremely fond of this place. Looking forward to today's tour!

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