By Samuel_Hale

Lights of the North

Last night in Iceland we went on a 6 hour hunt for the lights. They weren't as bright as we all hoped but they were there, nevertheless. It was an Amazing thing to see, really spectacular. It does make you realise how wonderful the world really is.

What is even stranger is that I bumped into some old friends! Lexie, Wayne and Shenna. We met while away during October 2008, in Kenya. I haven't seen them since even though they live 26 miles away (but still keep in touch). 6 years later we meet up during the same tour in Iceland, of all places! Small world.

The pictures are blurry because I had to prop the camera up and half hold it as I broke my brand new tripod trying to set it up! Bugger!

old Icelanders believe that the aurora is formed by Elves. Elves are not seen by humans other than on very specific times of year. They congregate and dance through the night summoning magic that creates the light in the sky.

I have learnt a lot over these few days. Looking forward to my next Icelandic excursion!

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