Vista beyond the Krukenburg Ruins

While the yearly maintenance jobs on the heating system were being executed, the sun was shining abundantly. At midday, when we were free again to do as we like, the sky had covered itself again. But we wanted to go for a good walk, so we crossed the river, the town and climbed up the higher foresttrack to the Falkenhorst. Looking from the Brandenberg hillside over the the whole wide Diemel rivervalley. In the Distance the medieval Krukenburg Ruins, controlling the wide region between the river valleys and the Deisel Mountainheights.

And here we were, sometimes a bit out of breath, taking in all these surroundings. Where most of the snow had already melted down, we still had to go forward in a mindful way through the muddy leaves. No people, almost no birds. But at the Falkenhorst quarry this magnificent vista presents itself. Nothing special: leave your daily preoccupations and worries behind, move up and see what the world has to offer to you. Not as a spectator of panorama’s, not as that Lumix blipper to impress your highly appreciated followers. But simply to feel this liberation, sweating in your winter jacket. Concentrating on the wobbly stones on the meandering track steep downhill

And both so happy to have all the time of the world. Not entirely true of course. But really feeling free to move and breathe. Thankyou W. for sharing this luck of moving and breathing together.

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