By Knottman2

The Cactus year begins.

Among my other eccentricities I am a frustrated cactus grower. I find endless fascination in the many different shapes and flowers. At a previous house where I had a greenhouse with some winter heat I had a collection of about 150. They thrive on neglect. In fact I have a friend who has a collection of over a thousand cacti and succulents and he can go away on a six week holiday and they will all be fine when he gets back.

I have about 25 which grow on windowsills in the house and go out in the greenhouse in the frost free part of the year.
This one is Rebutia Marsoneri. It is usually the first to flower and in a couple of weeks will be covered in these bright yellow blooms. They are very cheering in February. It is very easy and can be grown by anyone.
It originated in Argentina.

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