By Juli

Survived shopping!

The only place I ever look forward to shopping at is Horsham... and for someone who absolutely hates traipsing round shops, that's really saying something. I think it's a lovely town.

The main reason I got on so well setting up my project yesterday was because I had this shopping looming - anything to put it off! - but no getting out of it today as I needed to get things for my daughter's birthday party on Saturday. As usual, it was totally stress-free and I got everything I needed without any bother. And I treated myself to some blue raspberry bon-bons at Mr Simm's for being such a good girl!

This weather vane is on the roof of the stairwell in the car park at the Swan Walk shopping centre and I'd never noticed it before. On trying to find out a bit of history about the name 'Swan Walk' when I got home I came across an interesting fact about Horham:

"It used to be common for men to sell their wives. In 1844 a woman named Ann Holland was sold in Horsham market for 30 shillings. A man named Johnson sold his watch to raise the money! Apparently that was the last time a wife was sold in Britain."

My husband was once offered six camels for me. My friend's husband was only offered three for her, at which I became quite flattered... until someone said mine must have been really ugly camels. :-DDD

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