Fifteen and a half years on

Here we are on our new together photo as part of the Big Moment Valentine's Day challenge.  Rob is now 60 and I've got 6 weeks of my fifties left and we've been married for fifteen years now.

It took us a long time to find each other but we managed it in the end.

Big thanks to the Dating Agency that introduced us and as for one thing that I have learnt it's been how to handle those difficult times when you dig a big hole for yourself and you have to have the courage and grace and love to get yourself out of it when you're feeling very hurt and unreasonable.  My Super Handyman Husband has taught me so much and continues to be my rock in such gentle and unassuming way when sometimes I must be very difficult to live with!

We are sitting in the back of the car in order to mimic the photo taken on our original Big Day.

Wedding Day 1999
Second big day 2009

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