By nonsuchtony

The Waterfront

All waterfronts are constantly evolving, whether riverside or seaside. Ipswich has seen its waterfront evolve from a working port through to its half finished residential and leisure state that it finds itself in today.

Much has changed here over the last 15 years, apartment blocks built, four star hotels, the university campus and building and restaurants... However this, as with many locations came to a shuddering halt following the financial crisis of 2008. There are signs that things are moving in the right direction again. The new huge Genesis apartments on the Stoke side of the river are up, the area around the wine rack is being tidied up and rumour has it that work will commence on this again soon, there's a proposed new records office near the UCS, rumours of a new river crossing and tech centre on the "island" and the quay seems fuller than ever with boats.

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