By Beagledad


My daughter brought her dog with her to stay overnight. Dave thinks Storm is a wonderful playmate. Storm likes Dave and plays but after a while finds the endless nipping bombing and woofing a little tiring. They had fun in the car having a howly competition that we managed to video and an excellent windy walk on the downs.
Storm is my favourite doggy buddy. He big and strong and often lets me swing on his ear. I was showing him all the grabs and nips I'd been practicing on dad and in return he showed me how to woof REALLYloudly in another dogs face if they are being a pest. He's a really clever dog, I let him have some of my chicken wings at supper time . He liked those so much he didn't eat the dry things that he'd been given for tea. I like to crunch them up slowly. I'm tired now goodnight! Dave.

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