Lizellens Lot

By lizellen

Just hanging out on a Sunday Morning

It was a lovely morning when I went for my walk early today. The tide had not yet come into the estuary and it was full of birds just hanging about enjoying the early morning sun.

In this small area I can see 6 different varieties of birds:
Spoonbills, ducks, oyster catchers, herons, seagull and a godwit. There was a pied stilt just out of shot.

A little further on, I was greatly entertained by two seagull chicks. They played like children, tossing a bit of seaweed around, splashing each other and generally annoying their mother. I took lots of pics but couldn't get them close enough to make a good blip.  I wonder if all birds play like that when young - I know tuis do but have never seen seagulls play before.

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