Peter's Ponderings

By Lofty

Scene of the Crime

Red stains on the floor.

Splatter patterns on the wall.

Broken glass scattered all across the kitchen and into the living room.

The lady of the house trying in vane to hide the evidence before her partner returns.

A kitten sitting innocently grooming.

Who dun it...?

Turns out Sophie was pouring her self a well earned glass of red wine, as the cat who had been asleep on the shelf above the counter stretched.

The cat stretched a little too much, ran out of shelf and came crashing down on the now full glass of wine.

The glass hit the floor and exploded, with wine coating the newly painted wall.  The cat (entirely undamaged by the ordeal) ran into the living room and set about grooming itself and in the process having his first alcoholic experience!

No more than 30 seconds later, I walked home to find what looked to be a murder scene!

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