Bye Bye Car

Today i said goodbye to my ever faithful trustworthy old car, I have driven around in her for over 11 years, Koen and all the Grandies after him have only ever known me to drive this car, picking them up from school or dropping them home, some very happy memories of school holiday trips..
Never once has this old bus let me down, through baking hot sun the air con has kept us cool, through lashing winter rains she has kept us dry and safe on the roads no matter what the conditions. with a heavy heart I waved her off, ( and Glyn, of course) on the up side with Glyn at the wheel he is driving her down to Albany to our son Gareth who lives there where im sure my old bus will be looked after for the next few years dropping off and picking up his own kidlets and our darling baby Lucy, I hope they have as much fun driving around Albany I know they will be safe in this trustworthy realiable little car, I'm so glad Gareth wanted to give her a good home.
There parked behind her, on the back of the house is our new boomer I'm sure I am going to have as much fun driving this trusty beast, Ruby and Deklan will be the first to be picked up in it tomorrow..

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