Training Flight Debrief

I woke up this morning and got dressed, came downstairs to find the dogs fast asleep and not their normal bouncy selves - a quick glance at the clock revealed it was 2:30! No wonder they didn't stir.

So I had my coffee and around 4 am wandered back to bed until 7!

The window cleaner called today and I asked him if he would clear the gutters around the house - and he removed two carrier bags full of moss and leaves - so hopefully they should flow a little more freely now.

On our walk this afternoon I spotted this little flock of pigeons circling around and around and then they landed on this roof. They then took off again and flew around a few more times before landing once again. I know the house has a pigeon shed - so I guess this lot were practising their homing skills, it was quite amusing to watch.

Camera club tonight and for the first time I am submitting a couple of entries for a digital projection image competition (the thought of printing for a competition scares me a bit)

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