The second half of life..

By twigs

The game of gentlemen

Just a matter of days until the ICC World Cup Cricket tournament starts.  Nelson is fortunate to be hosting 3 matches though I'm not sure if I will enter into the spirit of 'live' sport for this one.  Still, the atmosphere is beginning to build and I'm sure the West Indies are going to enjoy our hospitality.

This giant ball appeared a bit over a week ago at the entrance to the sports complex, right next to the main road.  It had to be blipped!

Started a 5-2 eating regime today.  5 days of 'normal' eating and 2 days of fasting.  Today is my first fast day.  I do feel a bit hungry ('fasting' days allow 500 calories) though nothing that makes me feel crazy for food!  A bonus of the fast days?  I'm heading to bed super-early so I can sleep thruough the hunger and not notice it :)  Now that has to be good!

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