By FlyingPRGal

Moggies, medieval and media

Today was a full on 'head down' day in the office working on media lists and handing over projects to my colleague who has returned from maternity leave. Two days left on my contract working at the Castle and I've got steam coming out my ears trying to finish off reports, filing and the like.

This evening I visited a friend for a 'medieval fix' with the fourth episode of BBC2's Wolf Hall. It took us 90 minutes to watch the one hour episode as we kept pausing it to discuss our observations such as attention to detail, lighting and camera angles (me) and the genealogy of my friend and whether she looked like her ancestor Thomas More. We decided she did not.

To break the medieval chatter we were joined by gorgeous moggie Jerry the cat. He seemed to be telling us to stop the chatter and pay him some attention. Typical boy!

Tomorrow I'll continue the filming theme by writing a report on the pros and cons of location filming for historical dramas. Just don't ask me about candles!

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