MeriRand & the NW Passage

By randra

Breakfast of Champions

I was realllly lazy today. Just in the morning. I didn't feel like cooking up some oatmeal, so the first thing in the fridge (alfajores), were in my belly. They're a chocolate-caramel-sandwich-thing. Very healthy.

After lunch on campus, I set to work and completed a bunch of things! But I had another Brazilian experience when I went into the labs to check the software I'm to teach the kids on Thursday. It's not on the computers.

The lady who runs the lab seems entirely unable to understand me, so asking her questions about "Is the software on another machine? Will I have to install it? Do I need to have administrative access to the machines?" was impossible. Fortunately another professor was fixing the lab door (still confused about that) and he was able to help me.

I need to install this software on 6 computers (and I HATED installing it on my own- it's a pre-install file which downloads a second install file-- it's a monster) and when I got the first one all set to go, I found out the registration code my professor gave me is expired. sigh. So I emailed her about it, and she said she can't get a new one for 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS. Riddle me this, world- how do I teach students software if they won't have access to it? Tomorrow I think I might install the demo version and see if we can at least get them started with the software. What a pain!

But tonight I went to a friends house to enjoy some "cachorro quente" (hot dogs) and fried bananas! I would also like to state that hot dogs here seem silly to me. They dice them and boil them with a tomato sauce and serve THAT on a bun. The first time I saw the dish, my roommate's sister had prepared it, and I was thinking "Oh jeez, I can cook you something if you want- you don't have to eat this!" (Akin to Ilona's spaghetti-milk soup dish, for those who remember that story :D ) It's also served with little fried potato sticks, which like farofa, is a staple addition to food, not something you tack on or cook with. It's pretty good, but I think I prefer American hot dogs. Or better yet, brats. mmmm....

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